Yichuang Microwave Cleaner Steam Angry-mama Easily Cleans the Crud In Minutes. Microwave Oven Cleaner Steam for Home or Office Kitchens

$7.79 (as of November 13, 2017, 4:53 pm)

INNOVATIVE- Fill Angry Mama with Water and Vinegar. No Need to Use Dangerous Chemical & Stain Removers.
SMART- While Microwaving, SteamBlasts out of Angry Mama’s Head Softening Most Grease and Grime
PRACTICAL- Forget About Scrubbing for Hours. Angry Mama cuts Microwave Cleaning Time in in just 6 minutes!


Yichuang Indignant Mama Microwave Cleaner

Angry-Mama Microwave Cleaner steam cleans the crud from your microwave oven in just 6 minutes! If your circle of relatives leaves a mess in the microwave oven, you’re an Indignant Mama and you want our assist to easily clean up the crud. The usage of vinegar and water, Indignant Mama steams from her head to soften the dirt and stains. Easily and quickly wipe clean after The usage of Indignant Mama.

Just add water and vinegar till the markers and place in the microwave. Afterwards just wipe down with a rag and all dirt and stains will just come off. All parts disassemble easily.

Easy to use,just follow below ways:

Step 1:
Remove the top of Indignant Mama’s hair by twisting to the right ans lifting off.Then dispose of Indignant Mama’s head by pulling strainght up. Pour vinegar and water till every of the respective markings. Replace the top and twist to lock in place.
Step 2:
Microwave for 5-7 minutes on a high setting. After about 2 minutes steam will begin to blast out.
Step 3:
Remove the Indignant Mama by the elbows.
Step 4:
Just wipe down the microwave with a sponge, napkin or rag, and voila a spotless clean microwave.

Kind tip
Add a couple of drops of lemon extract for a great smelling kitchen, in addition to a clean microwave.

Care instructions
To clean the Indignant Mama wash with soapy water or just place in your dishwashers top rack.

Package Included
1* Indignant Mama Microwave Cleaner
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