Flipper Zero – The Ultimate Multi-Tool for Geeks and Hackers

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Welcome to the world of Flipper Zero, the portable multi-tool designed specifically for pentesters, hardware geeks, and anyone who loves to explore the digital realm. This toy-like device combines all the necessary hardware tools in a single, convenient case. With its open-source nature and customizable features, Flipper Zero is not just a tool but a community-driven platform that enables endless possibilities.

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Flipper Zero is not your ordinary tool; it’s a hardware companion with personality. Shaped like a cyber dolphin, Flipper Zero is here to make hacking a fun and engaging experience. Interacting with digital systems in real life shapes Flipper’s character, and he will always have a unique way of commenting on your actions. Whether you’re a seasoned hacker or just starting your journey, Flipper Zero will keep you entertained and motivated every step of the way.

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Unlike rough PCBs and bulky modules, Flipper Zero is crafted with everyday usage in mind. Its robust case, handy buttons, and sleek design make it a versatile and beautiful platform for prototyping, hardware research, and penetration testing. Flipper Zero turns the world of pentesting into a game, reminding you that research should always be fun and enjoyable.

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While Flipper Zero may have a rough character, he knows that having fun is the ultimate goal. He will challenge you to keep up with his hacking needs, motivating you to stay active and engaged. With Flipper Zero by your side, everyday hacking becomes an exciting adventure.

Technical Specification:

Flipper Zero is a fully autonomous device equipped with a powerful battery, a convenient 5-position directional pad, and a clear display. All the essential functions and scripts are accessible directly from Flipper’s menu, eliminating the need for a computer or smartphone.

For those seeking more control, Flipper Zero features a USB Type-C port, allowing firmware upgrades, virtual serial port deployment, and HID input device emulation. The device incorporates a cool old-school LCD screen, offering excellent visibility in sunlight and ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life of over 7 days.

To communicate with real-world systems, Flipper Zero is equipped with a built-in radio module based on the TI CC1101 chip. This module supports both transmitting and receiving digital signals within the 300-928 MHz frequency range, enabling interaction with a wide range of devices and access control systems, including garage door remotes, boom barriers, IoT sensors, and remote keyless systems.

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Out of the box, Flipper Zero can emulate popular garage door remotes and barriers. With Flipper’s memory capacity, you can store hundreds of remotes or create a blank remote for a new wireless gate. Choosing the right brand from Flipper’s menu allows you to register a new key in your garage or barrier receiver effortlessly. Flipper Zero’s customizable radio platform empowers you to experiment with custom protocols, decoders, and interact with IoT devices and access systems.

Flipper Zero also features an integrated decoder for popular remote control algorithms like Keeloq, enabling you to analyze unknown radio systems and uncover hidden protocols.

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Low-frequency proximity cards are widely used in access control systems worldwide. Flipper Zero’s 125 kHz antenna can read EM-4100 and HID Prox cards, allowing you to save and emulate multiple cards effortlessly. With Flipper’s menu navigation, you can choose the desired card and interact seamlessly with various access systems.

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Flipper Zero’s built-in 1-Wire pad enables the reading and emulation of iButton (DS1990A) keys. These keys, also known as TouchMemory or Dallas keys, are based on the 1-Wire protocol and widely used worldwide. Flipper Zero effortlessly reads these keys, saves their IDs in memory, writes IDs to blank keys, and emulates the keys themselves, giving you full control over this popular technology.

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Flipper Zero functions as a fully functional U2F key, compatible with popular services like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, LastPass, and Amazon AWS. Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol adds an extra layer of security to traditional login and password authentication. With Flipper Zero, you can enjoy enhanced security and protect your online accounts effortlessly.

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Flipper Zero comes with a built-in library of common remote commands. From controlling devices to adjusting volume or temperature, this library is continually updated by the vibrant Flipper community. Users can contribute new signals to Flipper’s IR remote database, making it a comprehensive resource for remote control enthusiasts.

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Flipper Zero’s firmware is completely open-source, available on GitHub for further exploration and customization. The open nature of Flipper Zero allows anyone to modify the code, extend its functionality, and create their own plugins. With Flipper Zero, you have the power to shape your hacking experience according to your unique needs and interests.

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Flipper Zero’s built-in hardware seamlessly integrates with popular development environments like Arduino and PlatformIO+VSCode IDEs. Ready-to-use packages eliminate the hassle of setting up a development environment for STM32, enabling smooth programming experiences across all platforms. Uploading sketches is as easy as with regular Arduino boards, making coding with Flipper Zero a breeze.

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Flipper Zero allows you to run custom code as separate plugins without altering its firmware. Unlike basic Arduino boards, Flipper Zero preserves its original functionality while giving you the freedom to run specific code whenever needed. And don’t worry—if something goes wrong, a simple reboot brings you back to the original firmware.


Flipper Zero is the ultimate multi-tool that combines convenience, functionality, and endless possibilities for hackers, geeks, and tech enthusiasts. Its playful character, robust design, and customizable features make it a perfect gift for nerds, geeks, teen boys, boyfriends, and women seeking a unique and exciting hacking experience. Embrace the world of Flipper Zero and unlock your full potential in the digital realm.

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