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March 5, 2017
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Tabasco Original Hot Sauce

Established in 1868 in Louisiana after the original formula was bought from the Salsa Mexicana Company.

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Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce

Developed and manufactured in North Carolina in 1929, the cowboy silhouette has become a staple in hot sauce world.

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Yellowbird Hot Sauce Combo Pack

This hot sauce packs a lot of fruity notes along with some real heat.  Founded in 2012 by George Milton, this newcomer is definitely pushing Sriracha out of the way!

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Louisiana Hot Sauce

Starting off as a family company in Louisiana in 1928, Bruce Foods sold the brand to the Southeastern Mills Inc. Company in 2015 (which is based out of Georgia) but the product is still manufactured in New Iberia, Louisiana

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Crystal Hot Sauce

Family-owned by Baumer Foods since 1923, Crystal Hot Sauce has an amazing flavor that can be found throughout 75 countries.

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Ocho Rios Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce

This hot sauce is actually kind of a harder find than the rest.  Ocho Rios has an amazing flavor and is definitely a great find at any restaurant!

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Pain Is Good #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

Owned and manufactured by the Original Juan Company out of Kansas, Pain Is Good shows you how good the burn of an amazing hot sauce can taste!

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El Yucateco Chile Habanero Hot Sauce

Established in 1968 by Priamo Gamboa, El Yucateco is some of the best tasting hot sauce on the market!

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Tapatío Salsa Picante Hot Sauce

Produced in Vernon, California, Tapatío is one of the best and most recognizable hot sauce brands in the United States.

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Cholula Original Hot Sauce

The best hot sauce flavor out there (that isn’t from a small, local company, anyways)!  Manufactured in Jalisco, Mexico and sold by Jose Cuervo, this hot sauce has the perfect blend of flavor and heat.  It is not overpowering in heat, but gives a little bit of a bite.  Amazing product and a must-have for any pantry!

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