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Most people today have at least 1 pair of headphones and there are many uses for them, whether it be listening to music or watching a movie. People want to have a good set that won’t break the bank and this article will list the top 14 headphone products under $200. With these, you can be sure to get a great product for a great price!


#1: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These headphones come in around $150-$169, depending on which color you prefer. They have a 45mm opening that has earth magnets and aluminum voice coils. In addition, these headphones have ear pieces that completely cover the ears and are able to turn 90°, which is great for loud environments and comfort. The bass is deep and the sound is clear across many different frequencies. One final thing is that the cable is detachable so you can have a corded or portable connections.


Coming in right at $200, these headphones a great deal. These headphones are designed so the entire back isn’t closed off. They also have metal grills on each headphone, which helps increase airflow. Another great feature about these are that the cushions are large and soft so you can be sure you are comfortable. All of these features help to ensure that you get the highest quality sound possible.


#3: Samsung LEVEL on

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017With these headphones only being $80, they are perfect for the person on a budget. These headphones have 40mm dual diaphragm sound that makes everything come in clear and high quality. You can fold them up for easy storage and they also have technology that can recognize up to 5 different voices. There is a remote control that has adjustable volume, play, pause, and skip. A great benefit is that the package comes with the headphones, carrying case, and a detachable cable.



#4: Logitech 982-000079

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These headphones have a fantastic price of $135 plus shipping. Not only are they noise cancelling, but they are also have UE sound signature. This results in a clear and high quality listening experience. Another great thing is that these go all the way around your ears, cushions that are memory foam, and a headband that is adjustable. These features are sure to bring the highest quality of comfort. In addition, all of the controls are right there on the cord. These controls include: volume, pause, and answer and end calls. Another great feature these offer is there is a splitter so that 2 people can share the jacks.




#5: AKG K550

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017

These headphones are at the amazing price of $142. The sound signature of these headphones is AKG, which helps the sound come in clear and strong. These headphones also have a completely closed back, as well as a driver that is 50mm. This size driver makes it have a high output and low frequencies that are very detailed. These fold up so they are easy to store and carry around.





#6: Sony MDR10R

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017Coming it right around $200, these headphones are high resolution and wired. They have a swivel function which will help with comfort. They also are able to work on a wide range of frequencies. A great thing about these is it has a great bass, which is great for a lot of music from today. The cushions help relieve pressure and fit around your entire ear. This helps alleviate soreness and make extended use possible.



#7: Philips Fidelio

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These head phones are available at the price of $188. These have a half-open design which is great if you want to listen to music but you have to be able to hear what is going on around you. In addition, these headphones give clear and strong sound so you’re sure to have a great listening experience.




#8: Beats Solo 2

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017Beats headphones are usually very high prices so getting these for $109 is a fantastic deal! Not only do they come in many different colors, they are lightweight and angled. This helps the headphones match pretty much everyone’s ear and head shape so they can have a more comfortable listening experience. These offer a high quality and clear sound output. The accessories that come with this is a hard carrying case and a RemoteTalk cable.




#9: Sony MDR-7506

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017Coming in at $80, these headphones are a great buy. They have magnets made from neodymum and a 40mm driver, which helps bring clear and strong sound. They are closed so they go all the way around the ear and this helps keep outside sounds out. They fold up for easy storage and the cord is a whopping 9.8 foot.




#10: Sennheiser HD 380

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These are $150 and they are a closed design so you don’t have to worry about sound contamination from the outside. The cable has a 1/8″ jack adapter, as well as a 1/4″ screw type adapter. These headphones are also able to work with the latest versions of different tablets. It has technology that helps minimize distortion and low sounds. It comes with a carrying case and a 2 year warranty.




#11: V-Moda Crossfade

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These headphones cost $147 and have 50mm drivers. They also have technology that helps cut out noise and an ergonomic adjustable headband. They don’t require batteries which is great if you are on the go and don’t have access to them. The cord that these use is reinforced with kevlar and have a 45 degree strain relief.





#12: Beyerdynamic DT770

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These are a great steal for $180. They are 250 Ohms and they go over your entire ear which helps keep sound in. These have a very high resolution and clear sound and they are really good for recording songs. In addition, they have a single sided cable that is 3.0m and coiled. Another great thing is that the ear pads are replaceable.




#13: Pioneer HDJ700R

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These are available for $169 and have ear pieces that go completely over the ear. This helps keep your sound in and outside sound out. The headband is adjustable and made to fit almost any ear and head types. Finally, the headband has a comfortable and soft piece of foam that helps you wear it for long periods.




#14: Sennheiser HD 598

Top 14 Headphones Under $200 for 2017These headphones can be bought for around $179. They have an open back and go all the way around your ears. They also have lightweight ear pads and a soft piece of foam on the headband. This helps ensure you can wear them comfortably for long periods of time. In addition, they have a 3m cord that is detachable and a 2 year limited warranty.





As you can see, these are the top 14 headphones under $200. Chances are, with this many options, there’s something for everyone and something to make you happy and meet your needs. The best thing to do is just research and experiment!

Suzie Lowry

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